Class Descriptions 

Creative Movement teaches rhythm, works on motor skills and increases flexibility for children ages three through four  Here we take the first steps to combining music and movement for exercise and enjoyment.  These students have a chance to perform in the spring recital.

Pre Primary/Tiny Tap is our only combination class.  We believe it is beneficial to the dancer to begin combining the music and rhythm with our movements as we experience tap for the first time.  We continue to study ballet and the basics of dance as we stretch our bodies and add to our dance skills.  This class is offered for students ages 4 to 6. 

Ballet is the basis for all dance forms.  Students will progress faster and to a higher level in tap and jazz if they have a strong ballet background.  At Dance Designs, ballet class is required for participation in pointe, tap, or jazz.  My classes are based on the Cecchetti syllabus with variations into Russian and French.  Students will do barre, center and across the floor work as they learn the technique and terminology of ballet.  At each level students are given a technical challenge in the classroom that will be reflected in their performance.  

Pointe is offered for the more advanced ballet students with an interest in pursuing this beautiful art form.  The technique developed in years of ballet study will help to make this a rewarding experience for the dedicated ballet dancer.  It is very important that a dancer is technically and physically ready for pointe, therefore, pointe shoes are only worn after invitation from Miss Natalie.

Tap classes are offered for almost every age.  It is a fun and expressive way to explore rhythm.  Students begin with the basics and progress to exciting combinations and routines.  Tap is strongly recommended to create a well-rounded dancer.

Jazz class is an opportunity to express yourself in another way.  You will learn technique, style, and terminology.  The jazz program at Dance Designs has been influenced by some truly great jazz teachers I have had the privilege to study under.  My students apply their jazz technique to a variety of music ranging from lyrical to contemporary. 

Class Placement and Level Progression

All placement decisions made by Miss Natalie are based on class participation, attendance, progress, ability, and consistency. Our goal is to place students in classes most suitable for him/her. It is not unusual to remain in the same level for more than one year.  Each student has a rate at which they will progress physically and mentally. Please respect Miss Natalie’s knowledge of where your child should be placed in each year of their dance training. A student who is placed in a class that is too difficult or a level that is not appropriate to their working ability will lose interest in their development as a dancer or hold the class back from progressing.  At any time during the year Miss Natalie will discuss with the parent and student any change in class level that may be indicated.  At Dance Designs we want to further your child’s training as a dancer and want them to enjoy dance for many years.



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